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  1. I don’t own a VR headset as of now, but this game might just be the reason that I buy one. Also Dirt Rally 2.0 is getting VR support this summer so there’s another game that I could use the VR for. Don’t even know what VR headset is good on PC. Any suggestions?

  2. I would never want NMS to become an MMO RPG, that defeats the purpose of the game and that moves a million miles away from Sean's vision of what he wanted the game to be. Even with the added multiplayer in NMS people don't play with friends, it was a novelty. People have moved back to playing the game the way Sean meant it to be played, as a solitary experience where you can run into other players very rarely and randomly. The game is a solitary exploration game. That's the reason why I bought it to begin with. It's cool to play with friends every blue moon but I wouldn't want numerous people in my game mucking up my experience with their antics.

  3. I have been waiting for this since VR first came out! A dream come true! My reaction to this was the same as when they announced Skyrim VR. I have both PSVR and Rift and own NMS on both, I can’t wait to see the differences between them. VR has been the revival of gaming for me, I am so happy to have lived during its development!

  4. Well my son has the Game and VR headset whereas I only have the Game so its a great relief to know that we can still interact in-game when they add this feature. Hats off to Sean and Hello Games.

  5. So to clarify, when is the end of summer? As in, what is the latest the release date could be? Whats the summer window?

  6. Hey Khraze, monor note there, When Sean said it wont be an MMO he meant that they wont adopt the microtransaction and pay-to-win model most MMOs have, but it will have tons of MMO features implemented to it, so from what i gather NMS Online will be an MMO just without the MMO financial practices

  7. This is actually very funny, I have been fiddling with trinus VR and playstation move since yesterday to make a super budget VR experience on steam VR, a day after that they announce VR? Thats some good timing on my part! I hope I manage to make this VR experiment work, that way I can show many people how to do a super budget VR and then experience all of No mans sky glory with it!

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