10 New Airliners and Large Jet Aircraft to Fly the Skies of Tomorrow

When waiting at the airport gate or looking up into the sky, do you often wonder what model of an airplane will be carrying you across continents or bringing you the next Amazon shipping? Probably not, but the world of commercial aviation is actually very active.

Even though modern airliners can serve in the fleets for decades, the new releases are surprisingly frequent. In today’s episode of Automotive Territory, we will deviate from the world of cars and will dive into the field of new passenger and cargo aircraft. Spoiler alert, these jets are bigger, more efficient, technologically advanced and simply beautiful!

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All of the models mentioned in this #ATAircraft release:

Boeing 777X: boeing.com/commercial/777x

2020 Boeing 777X is expected to be the best performing, spacious and comfortable long-range aircraft in the world. It will start delivering in summer 2020.

Boeing 737 Max 9: boeing.mediaroom.com/image-gallery?cat=32

The new family of Boeing MAX commercial jets has started operations since 2017 it is coming to replace the aging 737NG generation. The MAX9 is the latest member of the family to pass certification and enter service in 2018, replacing the 737-900 model.

Airbus A350-1000: airbus.com/aircraft/passenger-aircraft/a350xwb-family/a350-1000.html

Airbus A350-1000 is the newest and the largest model in the company’s A350 XWB airliner family that entered commercial service in February 2018. The A350-1000 seats 366 people in a three-class layout and has the range of 8,400 nmi.

Airbus Beluga XL (Airbus A330-743L): airbus.com/aircraft/freighter/beluga.html

One of the strangest looking airplanes that currently exist is undoubtedly the Airbus Beluga, that gets its name from a resembling Arctic and sub-Arctic cetacean the beluga whale. In 2019 the new generation of this aircraft will enter service and it is labeled the Beluga XL or Airbus A330-743L.

Airbus A330-800neo: airbus.com/aircraft/passenger-aircraft/a330-family/a330-800.html

2019 Airbus A330-800neo is the second aircraft in the new Airbus A330 family that is powered exclusively by the new Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines, can accommodate 257 passengers, and a range of 8150 nautical miles.

Airbus ACJ320neo: acj.airbus.com/en/exclusive-products/acj320neo.html

This family of aircraft is the pinnacle of luxury, a house with wings of sorts, and the new Airbus ACJ320neo is its latest addition. The model is based on the super successful narrow body A320, but it has increased service ceiling of 41,000 ft or 12,000 meters and longer range.

Mitsubishi Regional Jet: flythemrj.com/media

2020 Mitsubishi Regional Jet is a mid-range jet airliner, the first one to be built and designed in Japan in the last 45 years. It being developed by the Mitsubishi Aircraft Company in cooperation with Toyota and Subaru.

Irkut МС-21: eng.irkut.com/products

The 2021 Irkut МС-21-300 is the longer version of the upcoming single-aisle twinjet airliner from Russia. The aircraft has 211 passengers capacity and 3,500 nmi range and is in reality a pretty decent machine. However it is being constantly delayed.

Stratolaunch: stratolaunch.com/news-and-features/galleries/

2020 Stratolaunch is a massive space launch carrier aircraft designed by the Stratolaunch and built by the Scaled Composites to launch satellites into space. It has the largest-ever wingspan reaching 385 ft and unique twin-fuselage construction with an additional center wing that can support multiple launch vehicles.

Embraer Lineage 1000e: executive.embraer.com/global/en/lineage-1000e

2019 Embraer Lineage 1000e is an ultra large corporate jet with mid-range capabilities that is powered by two General Electric CF34-10E engines. Compared to the Lineage 1000 model, it offers longer range of 4,600 nautical miles and features new in-flight entertainment and cockpit options.


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  2. Great vid I love that you dont talk just about cars but still why boeing 737 max 9 have 2.4L powertrain and range just 45 km? And 4wd lock mode?? but still awesome vid!! I love planes because they are soo elegant and just cool to look at

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