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  1. These people are not dead, they're gone. That's a difference. Please call it that way. Dust isn't dead especially when they will come back as we know.
    Gone not dead!

  2. You should get younger people to host.. The fembot guy is too weirdly excited for a comic movie as 30+ year old.. Get a life

  3. Doctor strange “were in the endgame now” not “we’re in the avengers:endgame now” therefore the Russo brothers didn’t lie

  4. Shuri was already confirmed dead from the first teaser when Banner was looking at the computer screen of all the heroes who died it showed shuri and beneath her picture I believed it said “eliminated”

  5. That’s what shuri gets for sending her own brother into deep space in a defective ship, then forgets about him, takes control of Wakanda and basically becomes a psycho!
    Oh wait…. that’s the comics. My bad.

  6. Who cares. They will all be back in the next movie. It means nothing!
    They will just retire Cap and Iron Man at the end of the movie.

  7. C'mon son, it's a well known unwritten rule in cinema that if you don't LITERALLY SEE a character die, they aren't Dead 🤷

  8. Maybe the Avengers don't use the quantum realm's time portals to time travel. Perhaps Doctor Strange sent the time stone to the future.

  9. There are several major characters that they missed with the posters: Heimdall (who was killed by Thanos in Infinity War), Korg (who is a major character from Ragnarok whose whereabouts were unknown like Valkyrie), Maria Hill (who got dusted just before Fury did), & Hank & Janet (who were dusted alongside Hope).

    Not so perfectly balanced here.

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