Bitcoin dives a little… What now? (Q&A)

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  1. lol dude you did not dig davinci up when no one new him. you jumped on the band wagon after all the hype came out already. I found him before you talked about him. Your ego is retarded.

  2. Sunny, you and Carl (the Mood) are the most legit young fellaz out here. And yes, DavinciJ15, and now MMCrypto, I uncovered thanks to you.. I like to smoke a J and watch their videos on 150% speed LMFAOOO… try it brozef lol. I keep on praising you, but hey — never gets old, right? lol..
    you are the most transparent, and honest dude on Cryto Tube sphere. Thats why you have an army of followers from all over the world during a bear market…Keep doing what you doing brah, you'll be at 1M subs by 2045 🙂 1 BTC will be worth more than Zimbabwe, and I doubt you'll be interested in making videos while sitting grandkids

  3. Lol are you kidding? Litecoin has been leading the bull market. From $22 in December to $58-$65 this month. Litecoin shouldnt even be considered an altcoin

  4. Sorry I missed it live. I'm in the space now some 73 months roughly…Does that qualify me as an OG? I love when you say "OG" with your accent!

  5. Sunny if I have transferred my tokens or coins into tusd/usdt/pax, how & where do I store that so I can have my private keys, pls do give a comment it's very imprudent for me, thank you

  6. Sunny – this (crypto) world requires Electricity – do a few streams explaining "Net Energy" and the economic collapse of the CHEAP fossil fuel economy

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