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  1. @UnboxTherapy Go for the P30 so you can realize if you actually use the headphone jack, because I feel nobody like having the cable hanging around even if the sound quality on cable headphones is substantially better than wireless.

  2. the P30 will probsbly be my next phone. I've always had Galaxy, but its time to try something else. I dont want a screen that is too large, so the P30 will be fine

  3. I don't think you will have to switch to p30 pro(I think you won't choose p30 cuz you're wireless charging fan as you said) from S10
    They're both good phones but,if I am in change to choose p30 or p30 pro,I'd choose p30 pro though p30 is much cheaper than that.

  4. This is sad. I wanted to buy the pro modle but I also wanted the headphone jack. Naa, I'm just kidding I don't have money to buy any of those.

  5. There’s an bug with YouTube “Up Next” videos where the videos that should show above the comments don’t show a lot of people have this bug can you help us fix this please please make an video so YouTube can see and fix this annoying bug

  6. I would go with the Huawei P30 if I were you because too many reviewers focus on the bigger models. Give the little guy a chance because it's just as good and it's cheaper.

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