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  1. Hey, it’s better then whatever EA puts out! I’m positive that this will be getting updates that improve the content and quality of the game

  2. I like the game it has great mechanics and I haven’t had a problem with online fights yet. Yes the character roster should be more but MK is right around the corner and I didn’t expect a huge player base off the bat.

  3. This game is broken. this shoulda worked on it for another year or so before release. already found infinites,broken assit,terrible block mechanics

  4. And with all that being said this is probably the best Power Ranger game we've ever had and now if we can put more effort into it it would be even more amazing

  5. awesome game !!! love the game mechanics how its simple but still execution heavy if u want to do the kool kombos!!! cant wait to see what Nway adds to the game in the future dlc

  6. I would expect to see more Rangers, it might under 100 rangers or over 100.
    Also I want to see more Evil Rangers.
    I wonder if Marvel does a (Spider-People) Spider-Man Spider-Verse game & Venom-Verse there's a lot of characters.

  7. The 9 characters are an obvious complaint (especially out of 25+ yrs of Power Rangers), but one of my major gripes, like the reviewer said, was the music…. Power Rangers has so much potential for some high energy rock tracks… and the just they way that the music poorly transitions between each scene (title screen to vs screen to loading screen to match play) just felt very off… I mean, if recall, the power rangers fighting game for SNES had an awesome soundtrack. Also… wish the characters had maybe 1 more super, or their own level 3 super.

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