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  1. Caustic is better than Gibraltar, Bangalore, and mirage any day lol your tripping, anyone who says caustic is at the bottom doesn’t know what they are talking about, or they are just trash with him lol

  2. My list currently

    1) Lifeline-Fast heal
    2) Octane-Faster faster faster
    3) Wraith-Portals are fun
    4) Bangalore-Poppin' the chimney
    5) Bloodhound-Allfather give me strenght
    6) Pathfinder-Linedancer
    7) Caustic-why so toxic
    8) Gibraltar-Dwayne Johnson with shields and some bombs
    9) Mirage- he likes himself way to much

    Lifeline is the strongest because of her faster healing, and mirage is the worst because his abilities has no use except for in very spesific situations. Gibraltar is not bad per say because his shield and ult is super strong but they are also very situational, his ult is easily avoided by being inside a building and his shield i find to be more helpfull for enemy teams honestly, gives enemies free reign to just push almost for free. And Octane is just pure fun, faster faster faster 🙂

  3. I think Gibraltar and bloodhound are both better than pathfinder, maybe even mirage is. Also, wraith is much better than bangalore, aswell as lifeline.
    My list:
    2) Wraith
    3) Bangalore
    4) Octane (havent played him yet)
    5 ) Bloodhound
    6) Gibraltar
    7) Mirage and pathfinder are tied. Mirage has a high skill ceiling and you need to know how to use your clones to use him well. If his hitbox was smaller and his ult could be cancelled, he would be much better.
    8) Caustic

  4. I much prefer Caustic to Mirage personally. Mirage's ultimate is easily the worst and though Caustic's L1 is very niche, it can be super useful, while Mirage's L1 is basically useless. Maybe if it had some kind of AI, or at least had a gun in his hand, it could be a bit better.

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