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  1. Naughty Dog on TLOU2
    Sony Santa Monica on GOW2
    Guerilla Games on HZD2 or next Killzone
    Sucker Punch on Ghost of Tsushima
    Bend Studios on Days Gone
    Media Molecule on Dreams
    PixelOpus on Concrete Genie
    Polyphony digital on the next gran turismo
    Sony San diego on MLB the show
    Sony Japan (makers of astro bot and the last guardian), London and Manchester studios not sure but most likely on vr titles

    So far thats what I know. Not sure if there are other first party devs I dont know.

  2. From what it looks like Sony’s quality studios are either working on games for the end of ps4 or released there game recently. I think this means ps5 will have a poor library of games for a couple of years like ps4.

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