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  1. Wait so all that hard work in the new colossus was for nothing? Lol. I like going into the future and I think we’ll see some advanced resistance technology if that’s the case, but I always enjoyed the first level of the new order. Hope they go back into the past and show the big war that started it all. Second, remake wolfenstien (2009) since it goes back in the past, and have a DLC where the nazis are defending earth from aliens! Ahhh, a man can dream

  2. No cl4p-trp in the teaser? I'm hoping for a claptrap heavy announcement then. We need that loveable annoying indestructible robot who's the main star of the game

  3. Young Blood is like the 20th shooter from this year, by the time it comes out, Metro Exodus will be $30 also, and theirs Rage 2, Doom Eternal and so many others coming

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