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  1. Jazz hands is too coffeed up for this job.. And doesn't pronounce words well, sounds like a girl trying to tell her friends everything in one sentence.. Annoying. Would probably he be better as a waiter at a hip vegan restaurant.

  2. Thank you for not just cramming Jacki Jing on every video. With a second full time host and more effort in these video productions, you two are giving IGN an awesome fresh new energy. Nice job you two.

  3. I'm not a fan of this move. Jolie is a huge A lister and the big hollywood stars try to influence way too much in terms of the script and dialogue. When that happens they can completely miss the mark of the character and story behind the character. Most of the best casting decisions were relative newcomers, at least in the spotlight. It's not always the case as we've seen some big hitters join the MCU but Jolie is totally different. Jolie isn't an ensemble player, she's THE star in everything she's done, period. I'd rather see more B, C listers or no-names so the writing and directing is done by the writers and directors. The movie is The Eternals, not THE Eternal 😉 Too bad casting Brad Pitt as Icarus is impossible. Would be hilarious lol

  4. Oh hey! The Eternals! The planet's system of superhuman antibodies who are supposed to protect the Earth but have never shown up to anything important. Like when Galactus showed up. Or when Secret Wars happened. All of the Secret Wars.

  5. Glad my era with the MCU is ending before this weirdo broad joins it…..its all downhill from here….I was here for the beginning and best era of the MCU

  6. I agree with some of the other comments – she'd make a better villain – Lady Death would suit her, she could play that role well.

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