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  1. 'its like bioshock but without gameplay just walk and run away from monsters lmao'

    I really can't be the only one getting a bit sick of games removing engaging gameplay all the time right? Silent Hill was doing atmospheric horror with gameplay 20 years ago

  2. I had the intention to buy it when they dropped the trailer 2 years ago cause this game got inspiration of Bioshock and I'm also a fan of Bioshock franchise. But the "Epic Store exclusive" killed my excitement for the game tbh

  3. Peeps be like…"No combat" pass
    I be like: cough cough Amnesia The Dark Descent… Amnesia A Machine For Pigs… Soma. cough cough
    Those 3 games are memorable for the "Run n Hide" mechanic, that I feel this Close to the Sun has a feeling of too – which means I'd probably pick it up.
    But, a question for those who want to pass it: Have you played any of the 3 games I listed above? O.o

  4. No combat? Yeah no offense I love horror games,but I hate not being able to fight back,kills the vibe for me having to run around screaming all the time?.

  5. This game looks really cool I'm probably gonna pick this up when it drops
    "epic megastore exclusive"
    This game looks really cool, I'm 100 percent going to completely ignore this when it drops

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