Micro Madness- $1,000 Tiny Whoop Drone Race

What an experience! This was the first major race that I both filmed and placed 3rd in at the same time, well kind of placed 3rd. When I was trying to decide how I would edit the final race together I debated just doing a split screen of everyone, but I only had 2 pilots dvrs so I decided against it and featured Alex Bryant’s final run instead. When I was going through my own dvr footage while trying to finish the edit I noticed that I missed a gate. I was completely oblivious to it when it happened and my spotter missed it as well. But seeing it right in front of my face after I spending 20 hours editing this thing put me in a bad spot. I really thought I won 3rd up until this point and I was really pumped about it. I didn’t have any other footage that could support a different storyline so I preceded to finish the edit and messaged Jeffrey Comer who placed in 4th just a half second or so behind me. I explained everything to him and sent him the prize money via venmo because I would have felt like a fraud at every future race if I didn’t address what I found out while editing the recap. Hat’s off to Rab_fpv for taking 1st, Billster for taking 2nd, and I guess now Jeffpv for taking 3rd! lol I kept myself in the edit because again I have no other footage that would explain the missed gate. So this video is what happened that day and was a great Tiny Whoop memory of mine!


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About the Author: Nick Lang


  1. Bots podcast told me about the 3 rd. place thing. You the poo! Top shelf my friend. 1 st place in the land of happy Whoopers… Just subscribed.

  2. Great video man and an amazing event! You even got some of my flight in there which surprised me :p keep it up and congrats on 3rd!

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