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  1. Theres a difference. Micro sd? its half the speed of internal memory and u CANT put apps on it, so its only video (which lags because the card is inherently slow) music, pics. I prefer internal storage. Battery? well i get 8 hours out of my iphone 5 so it lasts a full day, which is what i need. Metal…ofc. Camera?really? iphone wins. 8 megapix are all you need. If you want to do photography just buy a pocket cam at least. No phone does good photography. Apples appstore is times better.

  2. No, if you use all of googles services in their ecosystem you dont have to have products from a specific company, because google provides its services to all major platforms and on the web as well. meaning that all your content can be seen and used wherever you go. it can be at home, at work, at a friends house, on a hotel, in a different country and it doesnt matter what device you use. thats why Google wins. because if you use Apples ecosystem, you are limited to use apple products only.

  3. Oops.. As I was saying, Apple has best "Eco system" if you have all their products, namely the Apple TV. I have a Samsung Smart TV and I can stream using all share with iPad or iPhone but the quality is poor. I don't know why. I mean it is watchable but the Apple TV is much better. Software and problem free operation are key. It's why Apple wins.

  4. You just Described the quality's of the Xperia Z, sounds like your mind is telling you something..act on impulse i always say.

  5. I want a fast phone, slim, great camera, water proof with large hd screen with good build quality like the iphone or htc one or even xperia Z but i also don't want it to cost a lot so im on a compromise of both sides

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