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  1. Only two problems I have with this movie.

    #1: no "Oh Susanna!" (Srsly, am I the only one whom that story scared the $#!+ out of??)

    #2: Why are they releasing it in the summer, instead of Halloween?

    Aside from that, I'm so freaking ready!

  2. My mother would read this to my brother and me when we where like 6 years old while eating gummy bears and huddled at her side because we where so scared

  3. the only story in that book that scared me was the story of the bet of staying in the haunted house over night and ended with a severed head falling from the chimney still alive

  4. “ i don’t read the script the script reads me “ ….” what the hell does that even mean”. Lol tropic thunder…
    No really minus that one line about the book this looks FANTASTIC

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