Bitcoin Loses No Matter What!

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  1. In a sea of bitcoin pumpers and anti bitcoin ranters yet again smaulgld lays out level headed analysis on what’s actually going on without any hype.. truly the only honest analysis out there. Excellent work as always 👍

  2. Hello, interesting discussion, I do not see any reason why an issuer of currency would not like to flush all the messy business fiat along with the paper. That’s only good hygiene. The only disadvantage the public might face is the ability to burn the stuff as in times past… maybe to heat their supper, but perhaps that is their just dessert. All those flabby waists expanding while the amazon shrinks, the immorality!
    On careful consideration the DOJ's conclusion that Obamacare is unconstitutional somewhat negates my pro silver stance. My theory all along has been that if the public were made to carry around a lot of heavy metal to make payments, despite the clanging objections of the noise pollution-ists (we know what they're about), the health benefits would be so exceedingly wonderful, (for the exercise), that the need for “health care” would be almost eradicated, or something.
    The Fed and their policies are obvious problem.
     The environment, the banking system, and the general health needs of all addressed in one fell swoop and almost completely Constitutional to boot, just think of it!
    Silver of course is the obvious and best choice, gold being twice as dense or overkill, really.
    Can you see the tax funded ad posters?! (Silver haired Big Brother pumping silver barbells with pulsating shiny biceps, perhaps standing in front of a copse of smiling evergreens (for subtle counterpoint), under silver lined clouds, the mighty slogan, "Argent, mmm.. Uber alles" ringing out!… One feints.
     The Dead Kennedys perhaps might be persuaded to perform their old standard at the next Basil accord, gracing the stage once more with a "new" socially responsible and sensitive lyric, and pumping hip hop twist! – Midway a frenzied Jeff Christian could leap on the stage and pound the congas, pausing only briefly to wipe the sweat from his bifocals and help Ted Butler toss some silver eagles to the adulation of the mesmerized crowd! Man… what a scene!
    I’d put a Morgan down to see that!
    It's good to keep a sense of humor about all this anyway.

  3. New subscriber here, enjoyed your show. Been in bitcoin for almost 3 years but just recently bought silver, will add gold when the gold / silver ratio goes back in favor of gold. Anything to get out of the fiat banking system! Silver / Gold / Bitcoin should be a winning combination.

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