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  1. Great video man. I'm just getting into FPV. I've only ever flown indoor, brushed, whoops around the livingroom. And, never FPV before, only line of sight. So, I bought a 65x Pro (it just came yesterday!) and a FrSky X-Lite.
    I have problems with my vision as well (pretty serious double astigmatism) so I'm really hesitant about buying goggles. Don't want to spend $500 on something that I can't use. Have you ever considered, or tried a monitor? Again… I have no idea LoL
    Any advice would be great!!

  2. My first fpv drone flight I didn't realize that acro mode existed. (I had flown a phantom and was sold a race quad for $50 at a hobbyshop) I was like "what, why isn't this leveling off?". I didn't crash, but probably only because I had flown full size helicopters in flight simulators. Third flight I tried to do a flip and absolutely ate shit.

  3. i got this, master. this is a complicated hobby. i love that part. i've done the las one (num 7 to you too and you answer me very well, i was surprised!) thanks so much and have a great weekend, best wishes for you 😉

  4. I think #1 should be fly in the simulator first. I bought the machine wizzard 220 RTF goggles and all. A minute and a half into the maiden flight I never saw it again. Had no idea how acro worked. $300 pissed away.
    2. Don't buy cheap like Joshua said. Not just for the durability but for the confidence you have in knowing your equipment is not gonna fail on you mid flight. It really allow you to push harder and learn faster. Just stepping up to Crossfire on my X9D and the R9m on my son's qx7 has really taken the worry of the flight controller fail safing itself if it lost connection. I go a mile or more and my RSSI is still 99%. It's ridiculous how far Crossfire reaches but it sure takes the worry out of losing my quad or it falling into a random vehicle or something. And the armattan frames…. Geez I don't think you can break them (lifetime warranty). You'll see what I mean when you finally get tired of changing arms or bottom plates or too plates. 4 cheap frames is the same price as an Armattan frame but you won't have to swap all your electronics over cuz it won't break. That is if you havent destroyed you electronics from busted bottom plates.

  5. My tip: stop changing your quad's settings/parts to try and fix something about your flying. An awesome pilot using a power whoop can outfly a newbie on a mini, just give that some thought.

  6. The exception to #2 is in the whoop world, where most racers fly with auto-level/stabilization mode. I agree though, that it feels like the quad is constantly fighting you.

  7. Agree with the LEARN IN ACRO I learned in acro in the simulator never turned on angle or horizon and now I can't even fly FPV in any other mode except rate.
    Secondly DONT BUY CHEAP GEAR I was so excited to get a Drone Kit for under $150 thinking I hit the jackpot but nothing is good about cheap Chinese parts the thing never saw the air. ended up getting a better one, but the motors from the cheap one ended up saving me as I was able to get back in the air with one once I hit a pole and broke a motor

  8. Having spent several months studying this hobby I must thank you, Joshua, for your excellent work on youtube. This hobby can be very expensive and it appears to me that the biggest problem is the almost total lack of reputable vendors. I have never experienced this level of total rip-off in any other activity. Banggood service is deplorable and thousands of testimonials verify this. Products arrive after months of waiting, smashed. Apparently, only banggood's youtube schills receive any support, service or refunds. I doubt if I will continue beyond a few whoops. I cannot afford to throw money away to find out a product is garbage and I have no recourse. The dishonesty/incompetence among reviewers is legion. Schills for disreputable Chinese intellectual property thieves, lacking even basic knowledge of aeronautics, electronics, physics or English composition. Joshua Bardwell is an exception to this. Still, it was largely a waste of time investigating this hobby as so little actual data can be gleaned. KEY information is usually omitted if it would hurt sales. I did my due diligence researching and have found youtube reviewers to be mostly misinformed and in some cases total liars. Pimping Chinese garbage that is on it's way to a landfill within weeks. Bummer. I recently saw a DJI fall into a lake. Laughed my butt off. "That never happens!" – "It just did!" It was being flown well beyond the line of sight like so many DJI flyers, illegally. I'm going to look for a good simulator, connect my T-12 and call it good. Thanks, Joshua. Peace.

  9. Hi Joshua
    Super channel you got going here ! Realy love it. have just picked my first 5 inch ( hawk 5 )
    You advice on spending the time in sim realy payed off after 20 hours in the sim (velosidrine)
    I had my maiden flight with a freind who is a drone racer expert last saturday.
    flew 2 packs no crashes just calm crusing first pack, second pack rolls and loops.
    Had to stop due to at vtx overheating condition.

    Keep up the good work it's worth spending time lising to your advice (especialy while at work )

  10. I've got a 501s and a 65lite. Would like to eventually get into building. But my next move for now I think will be a transmitter. The t8sg and the T12 are the two I've considered. Preferably something somewhat user friendly. Any comparison or suggestions would be appreciated

  11. I'm about 2 hours deep into FPV training on Liftoff. I'm glad I watched this video because I've been flying in HRZN mode and now I'm gonna switch to ACRO moving forwards. Once I've got a lot of experience with the basics I'll look into spending some real money to start this hobby properly.

  12. I can't afford to buy a drone yet, so I am learning as much as I can about it first since I really want to try this! Though, the laws here in Norway… ouf! 5 kms away from all airports, 150 meters away from ALL buildings and people you can't "control" or don't own and you need someone to be next to you just to fly FPV! Understandable, but extremely strict…

  13. So like most of us, I'm new to the world of FPV. I want to buy a controlled so I can spend the next couple months practicing. My goal is to eventually fly with a GoPro for cinematic videos and long flights in the mountains. What would be the best remote setup for this?

  14. I am in NYC I race Rc Cars .. saw a few YouTube videos and I’m hooked but no one around me to help me out with stuff .. I’m learning from scratch .. after I build drone I have to put quad in flight beta and Blheli? Before it flys ? I’m looking to buy googles but really don’t understand the antennas on each side yet video feed and range? Thx any one @Ralbovski on Instagram

  15. Have a hawk 5 flysky nirvana radio watched this video went in to betaflight got rid of it best thing I ever did oh and learn betaflight will help your flying

  16. Agree with you on everything in the video up untill about 7:30 you aren't throwing your money away I got a mantis 85 with flysky transmitter and 007pros for about 150-200 and they have lasted me well over a year now and still going strong only thing Iv had to change was motors but that's nothing and I put a runcam on for personal preference

  17. I must remember on my third ever time that I will crash into a tree…must find somewhere with small trees for that flight 🙂 Seriously though thanks for a good, to the point video.

  18. took me like a month or so until i was able to fly where i was pointing at …. IN THE SIMULATOR …. so that is absolutley true …. sim is a must have for training and first learning …. not gonna sink like hundrets of euros straight into the ground …… i went for Lift Off drone simulator , ….since i did not have a legit remote control i used thumbsticks on a xbox clone game pad …. but i had to pimp them with 2-compound epoxy putty to make em longer and have a finger grip on them

  19. I've gotten pretty good at liftoff with my xbox controller. Still waiting on my radio to get here so hopefully it wont be to jarring of a change.

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