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  1. In my opinion, the strongest avenger would be iron man….maybe because he faced the burden of the team on his own, willing to sacrifice himself to save not only the team but the world as well…

  2. Your Right But It’s Thor Number One Ms Marvel Number Two Then Hulk.
    Actually Depending On The Situation These Three Can Easily Change

  3. The thing is no one is better than the other one sure some of them don’t have powers but at the end of the they they all have one goal protect the universe because they are earths mightiest heroes

  4. I still think scarlet witch is the strongest I mean the girl is op as hell even in movie. Also cap can lift the hammer in the mcu it was strongly implied by whedon himself saying he choose not to lift it

  5. I’m sorry, but how is cap stronger than tony? I know he beat him but our goatee billionaire built a nanotech armor capable of withstanding blows from the power stone, you know the same stone that almost decimated a planet and broke a moon.
    How the hell does Rogers compete against that?

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