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  1. Great vid mike! thanks for making this video, this looks very impressive, the visuals and graphics looks almost identical to the PC version… pretty amazing, I also hope they will bundle it with the quest or at least put a demo in the quest when it comes out 🙂

  2. Is there a way to output the video from inside the headset? Having a social screen is all but necessary when VR-ing with a group of friends.

  3. I’m doing an Applied Game Design course at school and of course there is a VR set available. I loved playing it and started doing some research to get one. Pretty soon I saw that I had to get a game pc for it, that’s impossible to obtain for me since I already have a expensive laptop. Then weeks after that my classmate comes with the quest! God I’m so happy that I’m going to play VR in my own home WIRELESS. Can’t wait!

  4. I am pretty sure you said you did not like the built in headphones, especially compared to the Rift CV1, but do think it will work reasonably well when showing to people at parties or work etc? Also during these songs would you say tracking never had any issues, that you would not be able to tell at all the difference between this and other types of tracking systems?

  5. So uhhh…. we know it’s gonna release in spring but does anyone have any theories about when in spring??? Maybe an upcoming oculus event I don’t know about? My birthday is in mid May so I’m hoping it’s out before then so I can ask for it instead of having to spend my own money XD

  6. I'm new to VR I've never tried VR before an I been waiting for a good headset to play games on what I don't understand is what will I be missing on games if I get a Quest over a Oculus Rift S will I or will I not be able to play all VR games or will I be missing out on some cause it can or can not access them threw steam how does the games get on the quest if it has nothing to connect to I'm just mind blow.

  7. I think they should give up on all their projects and focus on one big thing like a VR that replicates real life and makes you feel the environment around you

  8. I also have another question are you able to record your gameplay (i know they are in this video but i dont know if they have some special thing to do it with that's available to the public)

  9. I have a kinda big question since in my room I have my big collection (of figures, etc) and if I scan it and move around my collection or even furniture, do I have to rescan the room

  10. Was hard to tell on my phone but didn’t look like a lot of 100+ hits hence the C ratings. Hopefully not a tracking issue and related to score. The WMR can be frustrating when tracking is lost.

  11. Hey! Do you think you can do a video on the Valve Index, it was officially revealed yesterday with a teaser image. Then again April 1st is in a couple of days so I hope it is not just a joke.

  12. I'm at PAX EAST as an exhibitor with the Army and honestly… I don't game. I used to, up until I had my first born back in 2012 and then just stopped gaming (outside of Roller Coaster Tycoon). I got put on the detail for our GoArmy Booth this weekend and opened the place on Friday and wanted to try Oculus as it just looked… cool. So right when the floor opened (10 minutes early) I briskly walked over to the booth and was told to try this game out. All I could say is…. WOW. From the moment I put the system on until I took it off (about 15 minutes between tutorial and playing all three songs available) I was seriously blown away at it. And sweating… being in my uniform likely wasn't helping with that lol. I came away wanting to buy one right away only to learn it isn't even out yet (like pretty much all the games on that side of the sky bridge). I think this game and the system as a whole has me hooked though and will likely be buying on day 1.

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