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  1. Game sucks it crashes to often and as a bonus you lose items that takes hours to get. Don’t buy this garbage game. I deleted it already!

  2. definitely going to give it a try with my gf ? this game reminds of gothic 3 a lot and i love it ? they done a really good job ? maybe i will post on our chanel how we do it in co-op soon it will be fun playing it ☺️

  3. The story was actually quite interesting and fun to play through, I chose a faction I was interested in and followed one of three factions main story and in the end was justly rewarded with very cool items. This game is a must buy for RPG lovers filled with dungeons, bosses your choice of character build be it ranger, mage warrior or rogue plus others. Once you get past the early game and find new towns and class trainers the game really opens up and continues to surprise you.

  4. pretty sure u played for 5 hours max….everything u said and showed is just for the 1st part its changes aloot and u have no idea

  5. Cant play as an assassin or murder npcs. Journal is useless and timed quests you cant track or know where youre going is just tacked on cheap.


  6. So, let me get this straight. Everybody was like "finally an RPG where yOU aREnt thE cHOseN oNe". So, they solved the trope of the chosen one story by simply…not doing any story lol So, what reason do I have to explore these dungeons? To find what, exactly? I walk all the way to a remote town to fulfill a quest, but what's there to do besides the fetch quest itself? I dont know, this game just sounds boring and reALIstIC for its own sake without any concept driving it forward. Maybe I'll play it when it goes on sale.

  7. reakky interested in buying but if anyone could help me answer some questions, please do

    1. How long is the game approximately (main story w/o side quests)
    2. Is there a lot of weapons and armor sets? what kinds?
    3. what time period is it?

    thanks all

  8. Thanks for a straight forward and honest review of the game! I'm a huge fan of the Gothic Series and older MMOs (well, at least I played them a lot back then haha) and was on the fence due to the ratings its been getting.

    Thank you for giving me the shove, and hopefully i'll be enjoying it!

    subbed btw good luck man!

  9. I love the fact that it's split screen co-op, but that shouldn't be a selling point for a game. The game has great potential, but I'm constantly losing items out of my backpack for no reason… This kills it for me. Twice now my waterskin just vanished from my pack after I dropped it to fight and picked it right back up. Also the game makes it way to easy to run by difficult enemies and loot chests in dungeons. Needs some patches before I will return.

  10. The split-screen alone sold me. My girlfriend and I started the game together and are learning the game together….and dying alot together as well, lol.

    The game isn't perfect or the greatest RPG game ever made, it has alot of bugs and glitches and it's a bit sluggish at times. But it's still fun with someone and it has my respect, as I see what the small team of devs were trying to accomplish. Had it been given a bit more time and maybe a bigger budget and a slightly bigger team, I think the game would've been great. As of now, it's a good RPG game. Nice video.

  11. Great video and review. Was curious about this one and with your review, the questions I had are now answered. Thanks and keep up the good work. Stay golden pony boy, Seacrest out ?

  12. Greate to see developers try to give context to an open world by not just give you a minimal full of Ubisoft Puke, but allows you to explore and discover things naturally.We need way more games like that.

  13. Peoples like u discourage a good developers to make good games u should see this is their first game and only ten peoples make this game and we have worst game made by hundred of peoples

  14. I don't know why stupid people forgot about the game made only by ten peoples and still better then antham fallout76 why u gave this game 6.5 out of ten 10 this is unjust lol u don't deserve to review games

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