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  1. Does anyone know if B3 will have a story? I feel like the first 2 were just walking and shooting until you shot the biggest thing at the end.

  2. having 4k is nice, but one thing that irritated me was how horrible things looked when far away. I hoped they would tweak the LOD when looking at things in the distance and would take off that off-color fog.

  3. It's noticeable in the cut scene but I'm game play i dont think you would really notice it to much besides the frame rate being smoother
    Looks great but I'm not going back to these 2 im hyped for part 3 i just hope they fix the graphic alittle more in part 3

  4. 4k textures does not mean 4k display….

    some people don't seem to understand this difference between texturing a 3d model and display output…

    you are still viewing a 4k resolution image whether it's 720p,1080p,1440p,2k, or 4k display…

  5. So this is like a whole new game right??.. Meaning, if you have the game already on console, you'll have to buy this and start all over again?

  6. Gonna buy it if the performance issue on PC is fixed, I played Borderlands 2 on GTX 1050 Ti and suddenly got a very huge framedrops, then I realized that the GPU usage was only 18%, it not even make sense when my CPU usage was 60%, never ever happen on the other games

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