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  1. Episode 2, Nightmare at 30,000 feet was a huge disappointment, ha ha ha. Both two first episodes are awful. Call it something else, and not The Twilight Zone. Comment posted from a person that know what a Twilight Zone episode should be. Poor Jordan P. and crew.

  2. It kissed the one thing that rod sterling did so well, the twist. I twist is something that makes you say “How did I not see that???” I mean, he prevents himself from being born. Oh cmon that’s boring.

  3. Peele works as a host but the first episode I watched didn’t work for me. First all the jokes weren’t funny and I thought the overall story had been done to death and not in a very clever way. If all the episodes are the same meh than I will pass. Peele being the host the only thing working for the show than it’s not worth it. They need better writers.

  4. "The Comedian" was just lazy writing and therefore predictable. The laughter of the audience never felt justified through the actions of the titular character, everything felt forced.

  5. the second story sounds lame instead rehashing old ideas it should of did it's own different approach like being stuck in the worlds tallest elevator with a crew of people.

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