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  1. I will definitely wait a few months, just to see the reviews and what people have to say about the games and game play before I get my Quest.

  2. wait, so it can only play pre loaded games? like one of those plug and play things you get from walmart for 30$ that have random boot leg versions of old Nintendo games? For 350$???

  3. Hi I am an Oculus developer and I am very excited to get the Quest to start to develop for this device. Humble, I think that the Quest will create a Massive VR Market. Maybe this one have not the best Quality experience or other tech topic but for its price and because all the people will not have Rift / HTC Vive and Go at the same time so they can not compare which is the best, for it., It is the best option for me.. My dream is the VR for all !!! It will be a great tool for learning !!!!

  4. Mike, is there a chance that someone will figure out a way to sideload the modded songs for Beat Saber on the Quest? Beat Saber is AWSOME with the mods, but very limited and mediocre with only the songs that Beat Saber provides. We need those modded songs for the Quest version

  5. Ill wait for a real rift upgrade or take the steam index VR system first : )
    Im not interested in cell phone quality games. not even for free and unlimited battery. 3d movies are not vr. maybe they are for my grandma. idk.

    if it cant even play minecraft quality games at full framerate.
    its just a toy. a youtube movie toy.
    a wonderful novelty. im thrilled that the tech is handheld and light weight.
    not because i want one. i wouldnt pay 250$ for it.
    but because that means the PC tech version is that much closer to upgrades.
    if this cell phone trash can handle nintendo 64 quality games.
    the next few years with PC power is going to be a blast and the market will soon explode.
    id pay 200 bucks for a portable youtube viewer. except that 3d movies are actually really boring and 360 videos are just lame.

  6. Im getting an oculus rift s as my first vr experience, I’ve already used the rift, but, does the quest might be a better option? The advantage is that i can take it. The disadvantage is that it is in fact less powerful than rift s

  7. I suspect the reason the show model has the leather face padding and plastic backing is to allow the staff to wipe the headsets with a disinfectant between users

  8. Really and 835 Chip? So it's less than a Note 9 on a Gear VR.
    Just another cash grab and way to push exclusivity.
    I pass.

  9. Put a module on the back of the harness that:

    1. Holds a larger battery to counterweight the HMD for better balance and life

    2. Has 2 more cameras to cover the dead spots

    3. Has a VRLink port so you can run it wired from your PC when you want, and detach it for wireless independent when you don't

    4. Raises the price to $500 and take my goddamn money

  10. baffles me on why when the they can add that many cameras but cant add one to the back of the strap ? flexi cable has been around for years

  11. They should have made the rift S and quest the same thing, so it’s a stand-alone that can also be connected to a PC, then I would have bought it. Also the option to also use the sensors if we already have them to make the tracking better as my three cameras set up is obviously better than the in-sight tracking. Basically for me to change from my original rift to either this or the S would be a step back in many areas so there is really no point. Without being able to connect to a PC you won’t ever be able to play mods like the amazing alien isolation VR mod

  12. Mike, why do you say that custom songs are unlikely on the Quest? I have heard that the Quest can sideload stuff like the Go does, and that the Beat Saber people are both friendly to modders and positive toward the Quest. I don't expect it at launch, but I don't see any barrier to custom songs unless you know something the rest of us don't.

  13. I have the GO and Odyssey plus currently… I also have an odyssey HMD by mistake,, selling that one with extension cables.. but i don't feel the appeal of quest that much.. I mean don't get me wrong its cool as hell…. But since i have the go for lightweight portable stuff, and Ody Plus for games and more intensive stuff,, what's the real appeal of the middle ground? IF i had extra cash id get it too, to replace the go, but i figure the go is good enough for most portable stuff i would want to do.

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