Let’s discuss how 5G will explode the demand for Bitcoin – world’s first programmable money as well as other cryptocurrencies. Most people forget the elephant in the room that is taking over the way all Internet communication is done.

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  1. Lots of new technologies from the past proved to be a risk for health years later ( medicine like Softenon, asbest, radiation (röntgen) devices, etc, were believed to be safe, smoking was seen as medicine once ). Worries about 5G is not just irrational fear. Not researching health risks seems irresponsible to me. Unfortunately the 5G industry has not spend a dollar for scientific research for health aspects.

  2. The internet is so filled with lies and people claiming to offer what they do not have. I have traded with most of these over hyped EA's being used on almost all videos here. Here i lost over 17k USD to the very wrong people! To all those misinformed, confused, or would i say ignorant about this , I advice you understand the Basics of trading and get a mentor as someone to guide you through!. Now I successfully trade because of this Genuine Group of CryptoCurrency Miners! When it comes to Trading and Investing Frank Baron is the man to meet trust me..I started with just $500 now i have enough BTC (frankbaron02@gmail.com)

  3. You really should do some more research. Tv dumbs down, laptop not suited for lap, microwave destroyes ur food & 5g doesnt go with humans. Its for machines

  4. Tipical swedish ignorance- there are cities banning 5g in europe, birds were dying out on the time of switching test 5g anthenas, do some research ffs,before you preach to others, this shit is not microwave or tv, its not ur granny who warns about hazards, there are professor's and professional researchers, unsuscribed

  5. REVELATIONS Ivan. End of days. We're fucked! Better start studying those old Mad Max videos for the global meltdown. Mel Gibson not that new hipster guy. 😉

  6. I can not say enough about the knowledge, freely given, in this video about fintech, Crypto, future with 5G in mobile communications, m2m tech, IoT, and AI from Ivan on Tech. This is almost like a Cliff Note book on all of those subjects and more. If they interest you, then Ivan on Tech is one of the best places to start your journey with the future.
    So Steering and full of knowledge.
    Thank you Ivan.

  7. I usually love your videos but when you are saying a fear of 5G is unjustified but have no idea if it can penetrate water, your showing how little knowledge you have about 5G and the frequencies it uses!
    I strongly suggest you do more research before claiming health risks are unjustified. There are plenty of studies showing that sub millimeter wavelengths cause thermal reactions with living cells, both plant and animal!
    The FCC refuses to test it because they already know what it will do.

  8. Thanks Ivan for the time and knowledge. I do however disagree 100% assertion that institutions first to the party may one day benefits us all. The SEC accredited investors and repeal of rules 506 is a joke. It states that sophisticated investor groups of 30 were once permitted to invest. This industry however has no such sophistication as it is new and ever evolving. As stated by Andreas A. gentrification is taking place and that is very, very bad news for crypto. We are witnessing in my opinion the destruction of decentralization and the industry is just being absorbed into the 1% portfolio while shutting out the average persons.
    Lets be perfectly clear. The SEC and U.S government has zero problems with the hard working citizen from wasting or risking their hard earned money on lottery tickets, casinos etc. as they get their cut. Now it is cryptos time in the barrel. Either we are going to create a free financial industry or we are going to surrender it over to the same old tired players. This is my opinion and I am sure is not shared by Ivan and probably a majority of his followers. I will be the first to admit I am wrong when proven but would like at least a bit of acknowledgement for having taken the time to research and come up with my well thought out and researched conclusions. Thanks again Ivan.

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