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  1. why??..simple..MCU doesn't have a clue about the whole infinity gauntlet saga..and missed out on loads of chances to bring in bigger cosmic threats and entities

  2. The gauntlet itself is faulty or defective. The dwarf,Eitri intended to make it like that, coz Eitri knew that thanos wont keep his promise, so he made a gauntlet that can wield the stones but wont/cant fully sustain all its powers. I mean when the stones were used simultaneously, the gauntlet wont and cant support all of it. that's why when thanos used it, the gauntlet went partially damaged.

  3. Thanos collect all the infinity stones just for one purpose that's not kill avangers using infinity stone but to kill half of all living things so he finishes his Quist and he don't need to use gablet anymore and he is stronger without the infinity stones but he need the power of stone he can just use it

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