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  1. Did anyone seriously expect he's going to die in space ? He's Ironman for God's sake arguably alongside Captain America, the main character of this franchise and is on all the posters.

  2. "We CONFIRMED one way Tony won't die in Endgame….ALONE! We're so smart at IGN, I bet none of you knew! Give us views and attention"…..y'all have really fallen, IGN

  3. Maybe it’s not really tony? Maybe it’s a he’s just there in spirit kind of thing? Like the rest wishing he was there with them. He’ll just fade away as they walk kinda thing

  4. If the Avenger base gets destroyed in Endgame, I wonder if Tony (Or whoever is alive and in charge) move the base back to Avengers tower? (Far From Home trailer*)

  5. Tony dies at the end, pretty easy to tell. Contract over, no Ironman movies in the works, and will be a fitting way to end the phase off, by ending the life of the hero that started it all.

  6. Imagine it being the ultimate misdirection that the scene Tony is recording the message to Pepper is actually at the end and Tony does end up dying

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