How to build a Pro FPV Racing DRONE for ONLY $99 Full Build guide + Giveaway

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Step by step guide showing you how to build an AWESOME FPV racing drone for around $99. This build is SIMPLE, CHEAP and most of all results in a crazy fast FPV racing quadcopter with awesome performance at an even better price. . Giveaway is over. Congrats to user “Davo Johnson”

GIVEAWAY details after component links.

PARTS – things usually sell out after I make videos on them so I linked a ton of extra components below that people can use if something sells out.


Frame –
ESCs –
Motors – (other colour motors are linked below)
VTX (Base) –
FC (base version – naze rev 6) - Strongly recommend upgrade version
FPV camera (base) –
Props (base) -

Upgrade version

Frame –
ESCs –
Motors –
VTX (upgrade) –
FC (upgrade version – SPF3) –
FPV camera (upgrade) –
Props (upgrade) - but I love the cyclone props linked below

IMPORTANT I know things sell out, A LOT and people might want other parts so there are some other links to new parts below. All of which will be great to build with. Some of the frames are especially cool for just a few $$ more.


Martian 3 frame-
Genius 215 –
Realacc x210 –
210x –
Martian 2 – (very nice frame IMO)
Pheonix –
IX5 –


Emax 2205 2600kv x 4 – (very good motors)
Racerstar 2205 2500kv black x 4 –
Racerstar 2205 2300kv blue x 4 –
Racerstar 2205 2600kv yellow x 4 –
Racerstar 2205 2300kv purple x 4 –
Racerstar 2205 2300kv pink x 4 –
Eachine Wizard 2300kv x 1 –
Brother hobby 2205 x 1
Tornados – x 1

OTHER ESCs – 30a or 20a means 30amp or 20amp
30a v2 x 4 –
30a v2 lite x 4 –
20a Racerstar x 4 –
20a 4in1 racerstar v2 x 1 –
20a Littlebee Sx 1 –
35a 4in1 Cicada –
30a DYS XS –
30A littlebee 4in1 –
25a racerstar ESC x 1 –
30a ZTW x 1 –


700tvl cmos – (nice form for easy fit)
Runcam Swift –
Runcam eagle –
Runcam owl –
Foxeer monster –
HS1177 – (nice generic but good camera)
120 degree cam –
Wide angle –
Aomway wide –


Ft48x –
Ts5823 – 200mw
Ts5828- 600mw (might be too powerful for flying with others
Rush vtx –
Gx210 –
Immersion RC 200mw –
VTX OSD mini – (has inbuilt OSD very cool)

Omni f3 –
SPF3 –
Evo –
Omni f4 –
Eachine naze – – Only f1 board
Generic f4 board –

Dal v1 tri 2 pairs –
Fishbones 10 pairs –
Dal V2 – (very hard to break)
Dal Cyclone – (my personal Fav)

Eachine goggle two –
VR D2 –
Vr – 007 –
Fatshark dominator 3 –
Fatshark attitude v3 –
Fatshark Dominator HDV3 –

QX7 –
Taranis – 9xd –
Flysly i6s –

GIVEAWAY Finished winner Davo johnson.

Introduction: 0:00
Overview and comparrison: 1:41
Tools: 4:41

— Building —

Motors: 6:00
ESC: 8:00
PDB: 16:45
VTX: 20:15
Camera: 21:48
FC (Standart): 23:44
FC (Upgrade): 31:16
How to hook up a reciever: 32:16
Frame: 32:40
Props: 35:00

— Ending and Final thoughts —

Review: 37:00
Flight footage: 39:24


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About the Author: UAVfutures


  1. GIVEAWAY IS FINISHED. Congrats to "Davo Johnson" check your youtube inbox and we can go from there and organise to get this little bad boy out to you. Thanks to everyone for entering and I hope this has helped so many of you get into this awesome hobby : )

  2. does the FC (upgrade version – SPF3) have LEDs on it???! (I'm not sure if I broke the FC, cause mine doesn't light up when connecting to the Computer)
    I tried connecting the FC to the computer (betaflight), betaflight then said, that the FC was connected, but it didn't show the Interface with the drone… Also when trying to flash firmware it says: No response from Bootloader

  3. I can't believe how many views this video has man! Got me into FPV almost 2 years ago! Time to make a new one, some of these parts are discontinued and there are a lot better options out there for beginners that will make their first quad fly a lot better

  4. My friend and I wanted to make drones. We had both used a drone before, quite a bit I might say… But we wanted to build them. This was super helpful, thank you a lot!

  5. do you have video that describes how all the components interact with each other and what they do? kind of beginners guide? and how do you connect it to radio? etc…

  6. im half way through building this and i have got to 32:19.
    what the fuck does he mean by this???
    i thought the antenna thing is the receiver. do i need to get a receiver too? or have i built it wrong by following this badly made tutorial?

  7. Can i buy you the build drone not the one you have to assemble . i have controllers and goggles just need the whole working drone. link or name of drone please thanks

  8. Easier way to tin wires: Put flux on the wire, and add a tad of solder to the iron, then touch the solder ball on the iron to the wire. The flux will cause it to instantly suck the solder into the wire end. No need for three hands.

  9. So I finally got my build done and connected to Betaflight. What a learning process…. But I have a problem. Motor 4 will not spin. Tried another motor on #4 esc wires and still no luck. So for some reason motor 4's ESC is either bad or something. Cant find a solution or a way to troubleshoot anywhere. #4 motor on Betaflight appears to be putting an output out on the motors tab.

  10. Im fairly new to this awesome hobby, i have a beginner friendly setup that has optional acro. Looking forward to getting my hand on something more kick ass and serious like this beast of a build later down the track 👍👍 love the build and fly video's.

  11. Hey ! I builded my first quad based on this video I have the exact same setup as the pro version but with the difference that I puted it on an 250 4mm thick arms frame and is a little bit heavier what props would you recommend me to use ??

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