SG700 Optical Position Folding Selfie FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This folding selfie camera drone automatically maintains steady hover and takes photos by flashing a V sign. Find it here

– Optical flow automatically holds the position of the drone in steady hover to ease photo and video taking. No need to manually fly the drone while you’re taking your shots.
– Two 720p HD video cameras, one in the belly, and one on the nose with tilt capability. Can take in flight photos or videos from either camera.
– Automatically takes photos by simply making a V sign with your fingers.
– Position hold, altitude hold, headless mode, and one key return.
– FPV video and photos are recorded to your phone using the FLY-UFO app available on Google Play here
– Sleek looking folding controller clone of the Wingsland R6 controller.
– 900mah battery gives close to 7 minutes flight time.
– Does not require FAA registration.

– Drone would drift when the app was used in conjunction with the controller.
– Photos and video are somewhat overexposed in bright sunlight.

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  1. I start drone on cell phone, drone goes down after 5 seconds, drone stop.
    What is your idea related to drone (the drone was working in advance)

  2. the SHOX SENTINEL drone is the exact same as the SG700 and yeah if you use your phone and the controler at the same time it has 2 signals ,1 from the controler ,2 from the WIFI fpv app on your phone so its interfering one and another so its most likely to shut off some of the functions ,but if your phone maybe disconnect for some reason you can manualy pair and continue your flight with your controler or other way around

  3. Hi sir.. Very good review. Im trying to buy this but unfortunately it does it ship to my country india. I will need to check other websites that has this

  4. Nice ACP. I got one today, but I notice a lot of lag and pixelation on FPV video. I need to test it outside and if the video/pixelation does not improve, it is of little use for me.

  5. Hello my friend, I'm needing your help, I deleted my app and I don't know where to download it. Please, can you give the name of the original app of this drone?

  6. hello from Afghanistan, and tnx for nice videos. i didnt find SG700-s model test review could plz describe about this model? whats ur idea about it coz i wanna buy one. tnx alot

  7. Hi! I'm torn between this drone and the hr sh7 you reviewed. Can you help me please? I just need the better drone that can take the better video quality specially at night. Thank you in advance. Great reviews!

  8. Hey it's Randy again say I got question I removed the front prop on right side, ok I like advice on putting back on the propeller but it seems like it to short to grab hold of motor I don't want to put pressure on it with out messing up the motor, I was just trying to clean the motor from dirt that would make the flight nice, actually the motor seems like it was trying to sick plus it felt like it was loose,but anyway I am having a hard time getting to lock the propeller in place so that it won't come off in flight, can you give me any advice, thanks

  9. Good morning say it's Randy from Detroit, first I want to thank you,for the great videos you put out very educational, I had a issue with the same drone but they call it the DM107, by bang goods, your videos really help me with issue and the understand in my drone, I drifting as well, I learning how to trime the drifting,all and all I like it, so forgive me I new and just a roockie at this,wow I do like this drone, I think I spoke with you before, I mentioned how I lost my syma -explorer in flight a fly away I was hurt lost it someone saw and left the seen with it, only had that one for two days just trying to get the feel for it when I had it anyway thanks I let you know how it fly when I work out the bugs, take care my friend

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