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  1. Wow….listen to that music! The voice acting! The dry Arizona desert atmosphere!….wow…I used to have this, Mw2, Beyonetta, and Wet on repeat!

  2. Where on earth are you people getting this game from????????? Is it like an April fools joke or something??? I can't find this game on Steam, it doesn't exist in EBGames….It's nowhere to be found, so how on earth did IGN get it?

  3. Besides the graphical and game enhancements that will be available for free, the other 4 DLC will be also available for free for the people who already have the original Borderlands on Steam? And they will do the same with the DLC on BL2 on Steam, too?

  4. So you're showcasing the new stuff and….you still leave the FOV what seems to be default setting?

    Even though one of the added things is the slider from BL2? Couldn't put it at minimum 90? No? Yikes IGN.

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