VoodooDE's in-depth review of the Oculus Quest Standalone Virtual Reality headset

Finally the time has come! I can show you a full and detailed review of the Oculus Quest VR headset, because I had a lot of time at the Pax East 2019 to test it.


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  1. It's a shame it's not as sharp as the Lenovo. I prefer sharp text but as I almost only play tennis, dancing and rhythm games the headset being wireless will win over sharp text. I NEED A QUEST. And I need it now!
    Btw, you know there are women on the internet too right?

  2. Nice review! I wonder if you perceived a smaller FOV because you had the glasses spaced cover in. I’d imagine the FOV will be bigger with the normal face cover

  3. How does the display look (SDE, black levels,…) compared to the Oculus Go? I am planning to also be using it for watching movies, do you think it'll do good enough in that area?

  4. Voooo, your missing a VFX-3D HMD lol, why on god earth do you have 5 Pimax's ..
    Yeah I think i'm gonna get 4 quests, just for the simple ease of setting it up and using it. I've tried them all and even know the Valve tracking is top notch, I'd still rather be wireless minus the great graphics. But that's my opinion and that's why it's great for all of us to have so much to choose from and upcoming. Come on get some more USA subs brotha

  5. I own the Rift and a Go. I will be purchasing the Quest. Can’t wait!! I bet there will be more AAA games on there than people think. They will find a way even if the graphics must be compromised a bit.

  6. Thanks for the in depth overview. Will definitely be buying a Quest when it finally releases. A couple of questions. Did Oculus mention anything about sweat protection? Maybe we'll have to wait for a tear down video if not. Also the recording red dot, is it still in the middle of the screen or have they moved it to the edge? I found the red dot annoying on the Oculus Go when recording gameplay.

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