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  1. I have Apex I have fortnite I have pubg I have firestorm. They I play them once and never come back. They lack something. Or maybe it's the rinse and repeat that I hate idk.

  2. This review was done by a millenial that completely knows nothing about games just how to write an article like the WSJ. BUT THE 7.0 IS A FAIR RATING

  3. Been playing Battlefield since Bad Company, but I couldn't buy this game and I'm glad I didn't. Really hope the next Battlefield game is going to be better.

  4. I've played a couple of matches of firestorm and its just fine.
    Apex Legends, Blackout and fortnite are better imo.
    BF really didnt need a BR mode.

  5. In my opinion it’s a 8.5 I’ve actually had fun playing firestorm because no battle royal game is as realistic as this game. Although it’s pretty difficult to adjust to especially if you’re new to the battlefield franchise.

  6. The loot mechanic may be "messy" for PC gamers, but it's extremely useful on console, as we don't have to cover our screen with an inventory. And also, DICE launched a 7GB update today that improves many aspects of Firestorm, including the loot.

  7. One thing i can always give Battlefield is the graphics and gun mechanics… but this old school war stuff i lose interest FAST. Battlefield 4 still their best game to date.

  8. I very much enjoy firestorm! It’s nice and clean and runs great on Xbox one. I think in the next few days they’re releasing a patch for the looting so it’s easier as well as adding duos within the month! Can’t wait to see more from this mode

  9. I feel like the role of destruction in Firestorm's game play (which makes it unique among the BR games out there) is criminally under-sold by this video. You can level houses. If somebody's camping behind a door, you can blow up the whole goddamn building. Nobody else has got that

  10. Huge PUBG fan and this is a great 2nd BR for me cause no way I’m touching kid gimmicky FoRtniTe and Apex

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