Drone Racing 140m Underground

Can’t describe how much fun DCL was! Flying with incredible pilots in an insane location! This is the finals race from day 1 of racing 🙂 #dcl #dronechampionsleague

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Massive congrats to JusticeFPV and GhettoDino for 2nd and 3rd in our finals and to Mac FPV for winning the 2 day of racing!
Links to there channels 🙂 check out those speed demons
JusticeFPV: https://www.youtube.com/user/drjustice
Ghettodino: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQmnU1LLdB2zcm-PZVNMxWA
Mac FPV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwAafjevTM6_edKUU2c74XA

Graupner mz-24 pro
dom hd v2
la forge rx
Shrike V2 200
TBS triumph
TBS unify pro HV
TBS 25a blheli s
Tattu rline 1550
ZMX fusion 2206 2300kv
Furious FPV radiance fc
RK 5051 (testing)

Check out the peeps keeping me in the air with my favourite gear


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  1. Courses like this confuse the snot out of me. How can you tell where you're supposed to be going? I'd probably get lost, give up and just end up doing flips and stunts until the race is over.

  2. I see you are using a Furious FPV FC with Graupner Receiver. Which Ports of the FC do you use for the receiver and how did you set it up in Cleanflight or Betaflight?

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