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  1. Vr isn't going to rule world because it's totally another world. You will need to come back to real world for everything. Otherwise to make a total simulation according to everyone's home would be almost impossible to make. AR is more approachable.

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  3. The VR experience is truly outstanding!
    Fortunately we use it a lot while making our designs and discussing them using the realtime rendering software, I strongly recommend everyone to experience that illusion.
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  5. They forgot about the first VR headset: The View-Master!
    The US military purchased thousands for training soldiers in WWII.

    If you're interested in VR History, you should also check out the Philco HeadSight (1961) which used CRT Displays to put you in a different environment.

  6. Please answer these questions!!!

    What do you know about VR/AR?
    What do you like or dislike about VR/AR and why?
    How do you think VR/AR can be helpful?
    If you use VR/AR, what would you use it for?
    Why do you use VR/AR?
    What are your expectations for VR/AR?
    Do you like VR or AR more? Why?
    How do you feel about VR/AR?
    How often do you use VR/AR?

  7. In this year I called fake vr and middle develope ar because both of them not fully develope to a fulldive vr meaning you have five sense you have in real life put in the game or feel something in the game and Ar is same but advance than before one but in the future of technology and plus gaming now we can finally called true Vr just like sword art online but little bit less dangerous and Ar same thing. My predict for the future of gaming is that the mmorpg for full dive Vr could be dragon ball xenoverse but fulldive vr style samething towards monster hunter, sword art online mix with gun and elf , mincraft possibly I don't know for sure, and d&d it my theory but it possible

  8. Great video!
    I have two question – so the VR uses our brains and "transports" them to another reality. I have eye problems can't focus well on things – will this be transferred to the VR as well?
    Second to the AR. Only the person wearing the "beacon" that henerates the augumentation will see it, right. If I am next to a person that has a "beacon" but I don't is my point.

  9. The birth of "The Holodeck" Will come to fruition! – Pending: If the Lord Tarries? Just saying… Be ready Matthew 24:44 Personally you are not going to get me to put one of these things on my head! "The devils workshop"

  10. Virtual Reality is an oxymoron.

    Augmented reality is superfluous since the invention of language.. Having labels in your visual field is information that is no different than having signs on buildings and badges on people. There is already a good name for this kind of stuff: HUD: Heads Up Display.

  11. I tought AR where some hallucinations drug of something. I heard some people said they had seen flying pink elephants. So those people was actually using AR and not high on drugs

  12. that moment when the video says "Augmented Reality, also known as Mixed Reality" and you realize whoever wrote it doesn't have any actual knowledge on the subject, just Wikipedia pages. lmao

  13. I saw a vedio here about Windows and their new fluent design but now I can't see it no more? I wanted to watch it so badly. ( any bra pls don't ever stop making these videos I or we have lent a lot through your channel. thanks again and all the best on your future videos )✌

  14. Very good mate, I enjoyed that. I can imagine an office work space where there are no screens at all. Just a blank wall and AR. That would be awesome. Maybe a physical key board and track pad, on a desk top, with AR content on the blank wall in front of you. I like it.

  15. Would the world as we knew it end the moment we created "Total Immersion VR"? If the virtual experience was a realistic as what we call "reality", it would become immaterial whether it was real or not. Though since we can die in what most of us call "real life", that questions whether this really is the top level. As above so below- if we can create VR our reality must be the VR of a higher being.

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