X Plane 11 Virtual Reality | First look with the Oculus Rift | It's pretty awesome

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Hey people! I’ve bought a Oculus Rift a few days ago, and of course I tested X-Plane 11 VR. It’s pretty awesome. Sadly the experience does not really translate to …


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  1. Please, can I ask what you are using to control the Yaw and the pitch / roll. Are you using the Oculus controllers ?
    I found it really difficult to map the controllers to control yaw.
    Maybe this needs foot pedals?

  2. I am back after saw your video some time ago. YOU ARE GUILTY! I've spent a bunch of money upgrading a new Desktop PC, the Oculus Rift and XPlane 11.3.
    No regrets, at all… I am super happy and amazed because of the immersive experience of FSiming VR 🙂

  3. You said, that screens have smaller resolution than a monitor. It's true, but render target is actually higher for every screen than one 1080p monitor: 1.24x1080x1.33×1200=2150400 pixels, but we have 2 screens x2=4300800, FullHD has only 2073600. If you use supersampling which very helpful, you need significant more GPU power: 200% in SteamVR means 8601600 pixels for rendering(more than 4K monitor). But X-plane suffer from CPU bottleneck more because OpenGL renders all things at one core.
    P.S. Also if a game using Single Pass Stereo it doesn't need to render the geometry twice(not in case of X-plane as I know) 🙁

  4. Great video buddy. Just because of this experience i'm planning not to get oculus. I wish i could do this in psvr. Could you please make a video and do a tutorial flying Cessna 101. How to start, setting up flaps, taxiing, landing etc.

  5. I've been using the Oculus Rift for about a year now. I run XP11 and fly the Zibo 737 99% of the time.
    I had to upgrade to a 1080ti, but it was worth every penny. I'll never go back to a flat screen. The level of immersion is indescribable.

  6. Excellent video, like others stated, I can never go back to flying outside of VR… it's just too immersive. I have one question, what are you using to capture video in full screen like that?

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