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  1. I liked it but wasnt thrilled by it..10mins,i feel like they could of done more with it than have her walk around but the android dog was cool!

  2. Theres levels to everything. She just gave an amazing performance in the acting department. Her emotion was there her switching of voice tone through out the process. Props to her. Ridley Scott this is it chief. <3

  3. I like this, suspenseful but not too drawn out and a unexpected but gratifying twist. Make the Android K9 unit canon please.

  4. I was scared for the dog the entire time and started to begin wondering how on earth this dog had so much plot armor. I was not disappointed. Bravo! Best thing I've seen with a solid Alien vibe and understanding of the lore of the universe. Hats off!

  5. Love, Death + Robots, and Alien short films might have to be what movies and TV have to become a bunch of shorts from different directors with a basic story that doesn't become complicated.

  6. Sir Riddley Scoot…just in case you happen to be going through some sort of creative block…take this short films as " Fan's Franchise Intervention" FIND YOUR MOJO back damn it…(We all love You or for some…hate to love you)

  7. I wonder now, if the orange cat in alien and aliens was actually a android, and sending info back to weyland yutani. O_O they were watching via remote…..

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