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  1. Haven't watched the movie jet but I'm so hyped, I would rather to have something about black Adam or the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle but this Mr mind is clearly focused on childs

  2. I would have been disappointed if he wasn't in the end-credits.
    Mister-Mind is my favorite Captain Marvel (Shazam) villain, as he is probably Shazam's greatest villain (Don't laugh, that little dude is dangerous).
    Like Billy, he shows, no matter what size you are, you can have an
    enormous impact.

  3. My prediction for Shazam movie universe
    *) Shazam 1 : Shazam Vs Dr Silvana

    *) Shazam 2 : Shazam Vs Mister Mind

    *) Black Adam Movie

    *) Shazam 3 : Shazam (maybe + Superman) Vs Black Adam

  4. Did you guys NOTICE BLACK ADAM was MENTIONED once in the film? The Wizard Shazam was sharing ancient history with Young Billy, he showed him something in the past about passing the power to a Champion long ego in Egypt who unleashed the Seven deadly sins to wipe out a civilization.

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