10 Electric Planes that Already Exist and Change the Future of Air Travel

Electrically powered vehicles are conquering our planet and it is a fact. Many cities like Singapore and Hamburg have vouched to replace their public transport fleets with emission-free vehicles by 2030 and many auto manufacturers have already established roadmaps and schedules for going all in electric. Boats and submarines are getting equipped with e-motors and even far reached world like Mars is being explored by Curiosity Rover thanks to an electric powertrain. But is the sky the limit for electric motors?

Apparently not, because up until today there is quite a number of already operational all-electric flying vessels that traverse the skies braking the stereotype that efficient and clean air travel is impossible on Earth. Today, we would like to share with you some knowledge about the first electric planes, so that when in 50 years all of the aircraft in the sky are electric, you will know how it all started. Enjoy your flight.

Electric aircraft that were featured here:

Solar Impulse 2: www.iata.org/pressroom/media-kit/Pages/solar-impulse.aspx

E-Fan 2.0 and Airbus E-Fan X: company.airbus.com/responsibility/airbus-e-fan-the-future-of-electric-aircraft.html

Facebook Aquila: facebook.com/notes/mark-zuckerberg/the-technology-behind-aquila/10153916136506634/

E-Fusion from Hungary’s Magnus Aircraft: magnusaircraft.com/efusion2

Siemens Extra 330LE: siemens.com/press/en/pressrelease/2017/corporate/pr2017040256coen.htm

e-Genius – the Institute of Aircraft Design at the University of Stuttgart: ifb.uni-stuttgart.de/egenius

Pipistrel Alpha Electro: pipistrel.si/plane/alpha-electro/overview

Sun Flyer from Aero Electric Aircraft Corporation: sunflyer.com/

Lilium Jet: www.lilium.com/mission/

FlyNano: www.flynano.com/faq.htm

Nasa The X-57: nasa.gov/image-feature/nasas-x-57-electric-research-plane/

Alice – Eviation Aircraft Company: eviation.co/alice/


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  1. We do agree that many of these planes still have rather limited capabilities, but they are patiently waiting for the batteries density to improve and reach that 400 watt hour per kilogram sweet spot that will allow lengthier and more dynamic flights. At the same time in order to compensate for the lack of power storage hybrid versions of many of these aircraft were introduced, that operate way more efficiently than conventional aircraft, but at the same time stay greener and produce less noise pollution. But what are your thoughts? When will electric airplanes become widespread?

  2. Conquering the planet? LOL. Technology is great and all but statements like this make technologists look like douchebags.
    OTOH the current state of electric aircraft does look very promising.

  3. We're closer than you think. Capitalism makes everything possible. With President Trump at the helm it makes it more possible. President Trump is an innovator he thinks out of the box. I don't mean to get political but it is what it is the truth. what I feel up to now.

  4. Ez a kutatási trend igen sokoldalú. Nekem először a vitorlázórepülésben elérhető kedvezőségek miatt fogott meg. Megtakarítható vontatógép, pilóta, úgyszintén a csörlésnél is….. Érdekes, hogy a mg.-i traktorok esetében is bíztatók a kísérletek. Nem gondoltam volna….

  5. a game-changing battery is ALWAYS 3-5 years away. I really think we're at the limit of what chemistry can do, except for some very minor, incremental improvements in cathode construction. I think what we're going to have to have is some OTHER storage medium that is not a battery. For example, some revolutionary solid state device like a super-duper capacitor.

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  7. Interesting content. The commentator talks… like… a robot. MPG… Definitely will see some of these aircraft in flight training schools and locations where noise is an issue.

  8. Every time i visit a channel that has a lot of commercials like this one I simply use video blocker and dont have to see that channel again

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  10. This looks just like a CT Ultralight. The one I saw had a 100 hp Rotax engine. When we get better batteries, the electric version will be nice. The Original, made in the Ukraine and assembled in Germany had a long wingspan with an 18:1 glide ratio. Can you tell me where to find the specs on that airplane?

  11. How did you guys honestly leave out the Sunseeker and Sunseeker Duo. Also you don't mention Mark Beirles E-gull aircraft. You must not have looked very hard for electric aircraft as Eric Raymond has done more on a small budget than most of these large companies you mention. A lot of the stuff you put up aren't even successfully flying yet.

  12. Its change nothin if is it not in serial production !
    No one can buy a solar impuls for 1 million dollar . Why you dont show serial producs

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