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  1. Hi Uncle hello hello Uncle Lou yes I finally got 2 say something to you and I say that you are just a big boy who tried to play with your toy lorry toy and magic hair bands happens sorry this is my telephone writing for me because I don't know how to write English I can speak but other stuff I'm low writers so I just want to see you to do good job and karma pay you back so I hope you gonna share something with me send me something some good telephone some good headphones nothing else I know you every day somebody asks for something my life just need telephone I'm good headphones more telephone good smartphone that I don't have money for bye because I living in noower in Croatia.Bless you Sasha's

  2. Usually I just bring "Camera (SONY 6300) + Wireless headphone + Long Lasting battery small smartphone (just incase something happen to your phone) + build in stylus tablet/thin laptop (as long it can open some adobe application) + powerbank + few cables + Small towel ) thats all XD wallet & smartphone in my pocket :3

  3. I always thought Lew was a tough guy because I only started following him a while ago and watching this video changed everything 😀 Lew, you look so cute.

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