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  1. It took 7 devs to make this, 7 devs that used to work on Burnout. The fact we went from Dangerous Golf to this with a low budget is impressive. There's quite a few commenters on here that are ripping this apart because it's low budget and it's a arcade game.

    First of all stop, this game isn't the best but it's something, this could be our chance to bring back an amazing franchise through a spiritual successor that has the potential to be better if Three Fields makes a killing and expands off this. And second… really? It's because of this arcade racers have become a rare sight these days. I know gamers want value for money and they've looked at this and thought "WTF is this" but this game has the potential. If EA isn't going to give us anything and put Criterion on to their many cash grabbing projects programing tractors or starfighters then SOMEONE needs to do it. And if that someone is a small upstart team of original Burnout devs who needs support to go forward then so be it. I have no problem supporting this.

  2. Burnout 3 was my childhood. If I can get more Burnout action by getting this, even if it looks like it was made with a pretty low budget, I'll get it.

  3. Those crashes don't look impactful, interesting, funny and don't have any flair. I can forgive them for not having best graphics but instead of trying to recreate an experience from more than a decade ago to a t, they should have at least brought in some interesting visual flair. It's half of the appeal of the game.

  4. I love burnout but these crashes look rigid and basic. Not what I was expecting from the creators of burnout. Then again I'm sure this was made on a budget.

  5. seems like they got the gameplay right for the most part but map design really needs a lot of work. it just looks bland and boring compared to burnout 3
    overall seems like a decent game for $20

  6. I'm still waiting for a Burnout Paradise 2 as Burnout Paradise is my all time favorite racing game and nothing comes even close for me.

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