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  1. Just bought this for $4, I remembered the name of the game but couldn't quite place the gameplay. Excellent classic title!

  2. @chaoscreater96 "minecraft wannabe"…. I really hope you're joking and/or trolling. I assume you are, but if you aren't, then you're retarded. I was playing this game back in the 1980's.

  3. @xLACKOSx those cons you talk about are things based on preferences. I mean, if you don't mind the dated graphics then you can just scrap that con for yourself. Or the "frustrating" con. If you like it that way then just see it as a con. They point on what the cons are based so you can just see it as a con or not.
    And these cons aren't always meant to review the game bad. I mean, it still got an 8 rating. And don't tell me it should've gotten a 10. Even 10 rated games can get cons in that way

  4. The review was nice, but the minuses at the end ("dated look" and "frustrating") were stupid reasons to give couple of minuses. Anyways its a cool game, it was pretty good review, and i will certainly get the game.

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