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In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reveals Bitcoin 2019.
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  3. Great content bro, The trading market is constantly evolving with new features, many trading opportunities and financial swings with sudden surprises around every corner. The best thing is to stay in shape and don’t let anything catch you on the wrong foot and never get too emotional

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  4. YOU got Lucky and made the money when the setup was pushed. Personally you dont know shit you just read others works and come the big I am … This guys a noob and a real big version

  5. you dont know shit bro.. if you did you know ripple dumped bitcoin soon to be a shitcoin!!! they wanted to get suckers like yourselve into crypto. but XRP will end the joke you pushing as real right now..

  6. It’s a shame you are that. 1% of super elites – your soul is lost so you do nothing but film your luxurious lifestyle and preach your beLIEve bs ideology – it’s okay sir your are forgiven but will be lost amongst Saturn/Set – material world – lost realm of the true garden and earth among the great. Four corners. Those that see this follow with and open mind & pay attention. He’s true but with truth comes many lies. He’s using his “knowledge” to reap of his. “sins” lol 12/12/12 remember 33

  7. It amazes me how many people just don’t get it. Bitcoin, cryptos, and blockchain IS the future. I am in my 50’s, my husband is in his 60’s. We don’t have the money for the school, but we have gone to the trouble to educate ourselves about the space, invest all we have early, and keep our eyes and ears open, because we know the current system is totally in it’s death throws. It won’t be pretty when it all goes down, but there will be a time when the dust settles, and at that point, you want to be in on it. Even right now, it’s a huge help to have cryptos, and know the space, and keep up with the new technology. For better or worse, it’s going to be what we have in the future.

  8. You screamed buy all the way from $20k/btc all the way down to 3k at which point you finally pancaked and said your target was $1000. You called a continuation at the exact time it bottomed. Then silence from you for months. You are the worst market strategist I have ever seen. You have no idea what you are doing. You could potentially be causing people to lose money and you don’t care at all. Now it’s popped again a bit and you are back saying it’s going to explode! You are so full of shit. It’s going to tank again now that you have said it’s a buy. You are a true lowlife. Do humanity a favor and go get hit by a bus.

  9. This is the same guy telling us to prepare for an EMP or solar flare that will take down the grid as we know it. Only until the crypto market came back a bit has he reared his head on these videos pushing bitcoinrich. Flip flop hotchscotch lol

  10. @AMTV Chris, what's that haircut called. I been meaning to cut my hair but couldn't find the right style. U got it brother. Lemme know!

  11. Wasn't he saying the 6k was the bottom too a while back… ??? The bottom isn't in yet… is just another pump and dumb… BTC is going lower folks…

  12. So he is closing his course right now blocking / leaving 1000's of people in the future to participate and learn… Great marketing technique Chris.

  13. I am sorry, but you lost all credibility Mr. Green.. everyone is just watching you to get a good joke now.
    Sad story…
    But of course you still get views that way I guess…

  14. How can you sleep at night when you talk to people about buying bitcoin in one breath and how we are going to have an EMP strike in another? Are you off your meds? I was warned about this with you. Gonna unsub now.

  15. You are playing devil's advocate! Those elite are going to fleece the people once again and you are assisting them! Those elite are doing this just because they were commanded to! Done to get the common people to jump in like you! For the purpose of fleecing all of them! The only real money is gold and silver, if you can't hold it, you don't own it! Path to hell is paved with good intentions!

  16. Christopher, What I do not understand about you is why you want people in crypto currencies/block change because you also preach EMP attacks. If we have EMP attacks Crypto goes to zero because you can not access it. You have also told people to buy hard assets, land , food, water, metals and guns. I think you are just trying to sell your crypto videos, you are going nuts, trying to make yourself rich, you always contradict yourself. Are you for real? You must be on drugs !

  17. Christopher, you were saying back in 2010 buy gold and silver so what are your views on that today. Also why are you getting so upset about people who question your motives, given all the scams out there. Personally, I don't think its very easy to do trades with crypto given the positions that banks take to prevent your moving money between US currency and crypto. MOST US BANKS WILL NOT LET YOU MOVE MONEY THAT WAY. And what about Taxes. All these so called trades have to be reported to the IRS. By the way Andreas Antonopolous gives this information away freely and you can buy his book for as little as $10. He offers a free class 3 or 4 times each year.

  18. You don't need currency if you learn to live off the land and learn to be a gun slinger wile putting you're faith in Jesus I am blessed to have had military training enough to have the edge over the average citizen but the Lord says they will throw there money in the streets. Don't put your faith and trust in money. The Lord will provide everything for those who endure to the end in him.

  19. LTC is the new Bitcoin! Should be 1/4 value of BTC. It’s now 1/60 and was just 6 months ago 1/100th of BTC on its way to 1/4 value of BTC.

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