DavinciJ15: Bitcoin Price BIG Volatility AHEAD!

DavinciJ15: Bitcoin Price BIG Volatility AHEAD!

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URGENT! Davincij15 sees a BIG Volatility ahead for the Bitcoin Price! Will the Bitcoin Price see upwards or downwards Volatility?

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URGENT! Davincij15 sees a BIG Volatility ahead for the Bitcoin Price! Will the Bitcoin Price see upwards or downwards Volatility? Find out about the Bitcoin Price in this Episode!

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  3. Go with Davinci in depth on the Situation on ETHEREUM. I know u talked about it with him the last video, but is Ethereum going to explode before BITCOIN or at the same time or after??? THAAAAAAAANK YOU SO MUCH!

  4. Just look at the Stoch RSI on the weekly. 95% of the time over the past few years whenever we've reached these overbought levels (and that was already before the last pump to 5k) there's been a 20-30% dump.

  5. Great episode… love your channel… always educational… i want to learn to read charts as Davincij15! stopped smoking 10 years ago 🙂 ?

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