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  1. For those wondering "why not just use the apple charger for your x1 carbon". Some work, some dont. The 61w should in theory work but i tried a few doesnt work on 6th gen Carbon. I read on Reddit however some people do manage to charge with it.

  2. Just download iStat menus or something to monitor DC in watts – Macbook Pro 15" rarely goes over 60W, usually when full brightness is on, there is power consumption from charger around 30 W. So this 60W is perfectly sufficient for charging or usage without heavy loads.

  3. It's expensive due to high manufacturing cost aside from GaN devices and custom magnetic parts. Safety might also be a bit of concern as the available volume leaves very little margin for creepage and clearance tolerances.

  4. So heres my question. I have a SGS8 right now as my main device and the charging could be faster (1.5h to charge from 0-100% isnt long but still) and I thought about buying a charger from other company that is faster. Will this have any drawbacks on my phone's battery life? I was certain that it will not but then few sources showed me that it can happen, but I don't know how true that is

  5. Uhh unlike you guys, I prefer the original bricks like the bright red ones which you can throw at each other….

  6. Of course it is not cheap. This uses a technology for making a SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) with smaller FET (Field Effect Transistor) components. It is the same when we go from 20nm transistors to 14nm and smaller. This uses GaN FET (Gallium Nitride FET) transistors that can exceed 98% efficiency in some scenarios. This is why they can make the charger so small, because it doesn't waste much heat and therefore it's able to be smaller.

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