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  1. What an excellent, honest and balanced view on smartphones today and how you don't need to spend a vast amount to get a good phone. Nice job.

  2. How about good smartphones for under $50 or $100? I wasn't born a Kardashian or Buffett. You know, people who are "self made" billionaires and can afford anything. Make and price phones for those who weren't born of privilege. $300+ for a phone is ridiculous considering it was probably made for under $20 in a Chinese sweatshop.

  3. I decided to end my Galaxy dynasty of phones when they jacked up the price from $600 to $1000.
    Technology should get better and cheaper, not more expensive and mostly the same.

    Interesting how both Apple and Samsung jacked their prices at the same time (collusion).

    I found the Nokia 7.1 that I am thumbing this text into now. Nothing at all bad about stock Android, that gets fast updates (Samsung does not). I found Samsung is nothing more than bloatware and I started with a blank canvas adding what I needed and nothing else.
    I am SUPER happy with my Nokia and paid $350. Goodby Samsung

  4. Iphone & Samsung users don't buy phone because of its utilitarian benefits, they do buy these branded phones because of emotional connection and brand image.

  5. I'm suspicious that this might be a white person. That is illegal. I have reported the offence to the authorities and expect appropriate action. If he is a jew, fine. But you need to make that clear at the beginning of the video.
    This is your one mandated warning.

  6. The cheapest smartphone is still more powerful than anything from the past. I buy the cheapesr 100$ androids and they work perfect, no worries if they break or get lost

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