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  1. I always love it when this happens. When a movie trailer releases and people bash it because they know it's gonna be bad, but some people defend it, but it ends up failing anyways, which is the case for this. And even though some people were willing to give this a chance, literally no one asked for a comedy Hellboy lol.

  2. Honestly shouldve just stuck with Del Toro and as much of the original cast as they could. De aging cgi is a hell of a drug

  3. Seeing it tomorrow on opening night, and only then I'm going to judge the movie myself. To why I saw this review or any review on YouTube, or on the internet (I'm mostly talking about you, RT), is to see if people can finally move on from Ron Perlman and GDT. But unfortunately, they don't. Guess nobody wants to give the movie, or even David Harbour a chance. I think THAT'S where the movie really failed way before even hitting the big screen.

  4. People in the comments want Ron Pearlman back as Hellboy the guy is in his 60’s I think nearly 70 years of age no thank you… He is way to old now time to move on people….

  5. I loved Ron Perlman as Hellboy. I hear his voice him my head when I read Hellboy's dialogue in the books. But I'm not blind to the fact that he can't play this character forever and is far too old now. And I'm not so biased that I'm incapable of giving this new movie amd this new actor a fair chance. Especially since this version will be closer to the books. I'm very excited for the new Hellboy movie.

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