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  1. 90% of Tropico contains reading text notes from strangers, can't see how this can be interesting lol.
    And yes I don't now Tropico, and I watched this I considered buying the game FOUR yers after release.

  2. This Game type is either for u or Not? The amount of time spent on this video isn't enough credit how good this game is….you really have to get lost and put ur entire focus into this game it really can be additive at times it really test you mentally knowing how politics and economy works in this….hey a few things could be better like every game ever made but with Tropico 6 comming out soon who knows what's next for the long lasting loved series. 8.5/10 for me.

  3. this is a shit game. when thing go down hill they go fast and there is nothing you can do about it. there is little explanation in this game. everything you try is a fucking toss up. don't buy this game

  4. the game is sucks! all the time the rebels attack and it is very difficult to make money! i stop playing it at all, i broke the disc and burn the manual!

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