BestOf Sleepers vs Supercars Compilation 2018

In this Compilation we tried to find You the best videos on youtube and compile together for you. Please Enjoy the video.
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BestOf Sleepers vs Supercars Compilation 2018
BestOf Sleepers vs Supercars Compilation
BestOf Sleepers vs Supercars 2018
BestOf Sleepers vs Supercars
Best Sleepers vs Supercars
Best Sleepers vs Supercars Compilation
Sleepers vs Supercars
Sleepers vs Supercars Compilation 2018
Sleepers vs Supercars Compilation
Sleepers vs Supercars 2018
Sleepers vs Supercars
Supercars vs Sleepers
Supercars Compilation 2018
Sleepers Compilation 2018
Supercars Compilation
Sleepers Compilation
Sleepers vs
vs Supercars
vs Sleepers
Supercars vs
Compilation 2018
fastest sleepers

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  1. Is Always funny to see people comparing track cars vs drag cars, i just doesn't make any sense, but here is a reality
    Fastest Nurburgring lap time 2019

    Lamborghini Aventador SVJ – 6:44.97s
    It takes more skill to race on track.

  2. Am I the only one that feels like whenever the "sleeper car" wins, it's due to the super are driver not knowing how to properly drive his super car?

  3. 2:28 I was like, 'Which fucking mentalist tricked out a bus!?' and then realised that no….that's just a bus. But seriously doe, someone should put four engines and 8 turbos in a bus and see what happens!

  4. Going up against one of those "supercars" on a twisty road or track, would be a different story, because while they may not be as fast in a drag race, they'll have superior handling and eat those sleepers alive in the turns. Still, the embarrassment from losing light to light on a city street would be enough to send me back to the dealership the very next day trying to get my money back so I could build a sleeper.

  5. After watching a lot of these kinds of videos i learned that it doesn't matter what you drive there is always someone gonna be faster than you…. so jsut enjoy the ride.

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