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  1. "Next week on Beyond! we will be changing formats to exclusively V.R. Laser Light iTunes Visualizer Mode. We might return to the video or audio formats in the future but no guarantees."

  2. This is good. Kind of like the old days. I think I speak for everyone (who probably already spoke) when I say, unedited and simple one-shot is better than nothing.

  3. Thank you Destin!

    Thank you SOO MUCH for facilitating the return of the video portion to all IGN podcasts.
    Much appreciated and respect!

  4. People that use drugs (not hurting others or selling to kids) need more help instead of punishment. Japan wonders why people have a hard time with drugs when they pretty much destroy their professional/social character, destroying any chance for them to get back on their feet. People make mistakes, Japan’s justice system needs to get their shit together.

  5. Please fix the audio, dude on left sounds way too low in comparison to the rest of the cast. I listen to this on Podbean and thought maybe it was the source but it sounds the same. This was also present in the Unlocked pod.

  6. Great video, but louder volume next episode please. I’m maxed on iPhone Bluetooth speaker which is fine on old episodes and other podcasts. This episode was hard to hear

  7. I think people really overreacted (big surprise right?!) to having no video anymore – I of course prefer video but I was good with just the audio with the switch. Video being back is certainly a plus but not required because Beyond is great either way – just hope you guys know that!

  8. I hope I can still play the game with the cocaine actor. Also who is the other voice actor from kingdom hearts they’re talking about????

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