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  1. Bitcoin has just smashed and surpassed it's high of $4,201 since February this year and even crossed the $5,000mark and this could mean a good thing for us traders and hodlers as well. The probability is so high that we could ride the bulls up to the next important resistance of $6,100. It will be great for us all if that happens and we must be ready for the outcome that presents itself by searching a way to expand our portfolio in advent of the much expected bull run. Two ways to do this is by using a strategy called dollar cost average to purchase and assemble which has its upsides and downsides or by purchasing a fair amount and speedily expanding by trading which of course has its upsides also. A word of caution, trading is highly profitable and can return as much as 400% as profit depending on your trade skills and frequency. However, do this only if you are remarkably good at both technical analysis and chart /news reading or obtain the assistance of a professional who offers services in signals and strategies. There are a number of professional but am most comfortable with Mauricio Pierce because his system is so easy and his signals are extremely accurate. I have used his guidance lot of times and i have never been disappointed. You need a prosperous trader as a guide because you can easily imitate his prosperity. Mauricio is available to reach by mail (mauriciopierce8@gmail com..) good luck

  2. This is basic economics, if suddently 70% of the mining stopped, price would go straight up, because of the common market laws, less offer and the rising of BTC buyers, instead of 200k by 2020/2021 we would see that by the end of this year.

  3. Bitcoin is overbought. * Bitcoin’s daily Relative Strength Index (RSI) output currently reads an 83. Each and every time BTC’s one-day RSI sat above 83, a 30% drop came in the coming days. Case in point, in summer of 2017, BTC fell from $3,000 to $1,700 after its RSI peaked at 84.

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  6. China! Turn off your miners and get some Hex. When you Stake Hex, you are given a % of the inflation generated. Instead of the inflation going to the miners, it goes to the stakers. And its being given away for free to all Bitcoin holders. You cant lose when you get something for free.

    George, I changed my name from Digibyte Awareness Team. lol. Hex is awesome, even if you want to stay misinformed.

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  8. Hopefully the bottom is in.Now that the ‘hash wars’ are over hopefully we're heading back to pre ‘hash- war’ levels of BTC $6K and ŁTC $100+" – Possible mining restrictions in China could also increase mining costs and hence the price of Bitcoin!

  9. I am sooo tired of T.I. looking to justify BTC going either up or down based on some stupid lines on a chart. Do you really believe that Institutional Investors or whales check the charts when investing based on fundamental reasons ? If your time horizon is years down the road, WHY would you care whether T.I. shows BTC breaking its 200 day moving average ? It's insanity. ONLY short term traders should worry about T.I., not those who FUNDAMENTALLY believe in Bitcoin as a paradigm shift in global currency. My 2 cents

  10. they pollute half of the world making fucking keychains and a bunch o useless crap, but btc mining is too conserning for the environment. Big get fuck out here LOL.

  11. Destroy the chicoms. It has to be done. Overthrow them…the Chinese people need freedom. And the world does too.
    Chicoms see what is going on in Venezuela with people getting around sanctions and government oppression and living off of Bitcoin and Litecoin and they don't want that repeated in China. Like you said, its mainly about control.

  12. the manipulation whales are going to like fud news right now, they want all of us to sell , most of us expect market to go down, very few are buying into market at 5200 BTC, prices might drift back to 4900 BTC then people get scared and boom another big green candle to 5800 BTC

  13. its insane how many people are in your chat. most of them seem to not have a clue, i wonder if some of them were paid for by outside (of george) companies to spam georges chat with fud or fomo??

  14. Kind of tired of people pulling out of the market because of some b***** news. People need to stay strong. The reality is whether China is going to make some decision or not it should not have any effect on the future of cryptocurrency. okay so big deal no more Bitcoin get mine for a while it doesn't change the scarcity of what is now or to be as more and more people buy Bitcoin.

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