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  1. Alright Agent we found you another shade tech stash located in the abandoned warehouse, before you engage with the Black Tusk operatives you must locate Ethan's personal computer and download the scoop on Damien and Ethan's Drama…Good Luck Agent…

  2. I am 70 years old and the first video game that I remember when I was a kid was:

    Bip,bip, bip , bip, bip, biiiiiiiiiiiiiip
    And them my grand mother die

  3. Really?? This is what snl has come to? The talent is so weak (talking about the regular cast, not guest hosts) compared to the 90s. And the stars of the early years of the show are so far beyond these clowns. SNL is just grasping at straws hoping they catch an inkling of glory from yesteryear.

  4. this is the only thing from SNL that I have seen from the past decade that has actually made me laugh. I would have given it a like, but I don't want all their other shitty skits to be on my recommended videos.

  5. While the story left me wanting more, the graphics and the level design were some of the best visuals in gaming this industry has to offer. 10/10 for more reviews on gaming and other pop culture keep it right here at ign.

  6. It's really difficult as men to express how you're feeling to other men. I'm glad they're talking about their issues. Very progressive sketch.

    However the immersion was shattered when he failed to grope the female NPC. Just sayin… everyone does it.

    What, you think these vr games are peopular because they're more immersive? F*ck you!

  7. I feel like if he had just listened to Damien and Ethan, and offered some "Bro" advice he would have been able to access the weapon lock up room and probably unlocked some skill points.

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