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  1. Only reason i played the game was because you could get Berserk armor from the anime of young Guts and Griffith. I ended up loving the game tho.

  2. Ok Switch owners. Be prepared to hear " Theres another path master". " Theres another path master." "Theres another path master". But for real, cool game, just to bad the U.I and inventory is so clunky. Oh, and trying to follow the quests is a mess. Fast travel is also confusing. Unless thats been changed. They shouldve named it "Prepare to be Confused" Edition. But dont let that dissuade you from buying it. It is definately a cool rpg. Like a mix of Dark Souls and Monster Hunter. But the companion system is pretty cool because they actually help. The ability to change classes if you want to try different skills or weapons is pretty cool too because you dont get locked into a build that you dont enjoy.

  3. What a great game, if anyone having doubts about the game just imagine a fantasy rpg, with a combination of dark souls and monster hunter gameplay, also the character classes are some of the best, this game is soooo underrated and for the price is worth it, specially when the edition you are getting is the most complete one. One of the few games I bought twice.

  4. And now here's to hope Itsuno starts pre-production on the 2nd game soon. And MAYBE, just MAYBE Capcom will release the multiplayer spin off (DDO) here to gather attention to the franchise as well.

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